Founded in the Fall of 2011 by a group of concerned graduate students, the goal of Stand with Science is simple but huge:

Give graduate students in science and engineering the knowledge, tools, and inspiration they need to become powerful advocates for science.

In so doing, we are creating a space for not only STEM graduate students, but also postdocs, young researchers, professionals, and anyone who supports science an avenue to make their voices heard in support of the basic and applied research that underlies discoveries and inventions.

With supporters in all fifty states and around the world, Stand with Science continues its efforts to ensure that those on the front lines of research and at the heart of the research funding debate have a chance to be heard in the ongoing debate over our nation’s commitment to research.

If you’re interested in getting involved as an individual, a student group, or a professional, please fill out this form:

One thought on “What is Stand with Science?

  1. Hello,

    Just one question that I was hoping you would address? As a student majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology, I most definitely recognize the importance of the sciences and research for our society today. However, reading through the letter, I couldn’t find an alternative for cuts proposed. I think many can argue that whatever cause they stand for is very important to the future, just as research and development is.

    And thus, while I support this issue, I was hoping you (collectively) could come up with some alternatives that may be better sources of cutting funds as to make this letter even stronger.

    Best of luck!

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