How To Guide: Meeting With Your Administration

Setting Up the Meeting

You are about to take the message of the need for science and research funding from the student to the administration of your university. Congratulations! This guide will provide the basics of how to set up the meeting, what you can ask in the meeting, and how to properly follow up after the meeting,

To set up a meeting you should first decide the most appropriate person with which to actually meet. Does your University have a Vice President for Research? How about a Senior Research Officer? If not, a President or Provost is helpful along with a Dean of Graduate Students. Find their email address or the email address of their administrative assistant online and send a brief email asking for a short meeting to discuss student issues relating to sequestration and federal science and research funding support.

At the Meeting

Okay, so the meeting is all set up and you are ready to bring the student voice to the administration. What kind of questions should you ask?

Here are some ideas we have:

  • On our campus, what percent of the research budgets are federally funded?
  • How many postdocs and or graduate students on our campus are funded by federal research grants?
  • For every $1 invested in scientific research, nearly $2.50 are created in new economic activity. On our campus, what spin off products or companies have been successful?
  • How many major prizes such as Nobel Prizes or others which are awarded for a lifetime of research training and experience have been largely funded by the federal budget?
  • What is our institution doing to counteract or advocate against sequester cuts, and what more can we do?

Be creative and feel free to ask the questions which you find important.

After the Meeting

You made it! Now please remember to send a short thank you email to the individual with which you met. If you’d like to send a personal thank you card that is also a nice touch.

We will be collecting the stories of the experiences and the meetings of our members across the country so send us the following information at We look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Your name
  2. The name and title of the individual who you met.
  3. A brief two to three sentences on how the meeting went.
  4. Any other information or pictures you’d like to include.

Thank you for your work. There are over 10,000 voices joining you on this project and together we’ll make the student voice in the federal science and engineering budget support conversation heard.

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