As some astute readers have pointed out, there is some good news for research coming from Congress. The fiscal year 2012 budget passed by congress is good news for science, giving the tough fiscal climate. This funding was part of the recent “minibus” passed last week.

The sequestration cuts that Stand with Science are fighting are a different issue, though. Those 9% cuts are for 2013 to 2021; they kick in right after the FY2012 budget that was just passed. In short, science is fine for the moment, but still slated to get shoved off a cliff in a year.

As you can see, even with the supercommittee failure, time has not yet run out… Sign the letter, get the word out. Another good thing to do would be write your senators and representatives, thanking them for supporting science in FY2012, and asking them not to waiver on science support when it comes to sequestration.


Some of the research related numbers passed in the minibus:

  • NSF: $7.03 billion, $173 million above FY 2011.
  • NASA: $17.8 billion, $648 million below FY 2011 (within NASA, however Science account was increased 3%).
  • NOAA: $4.89 billion, $306 million above FY 2011.
  • NIST: $751 million, $33 million above FY 2011.
  • NIFA: $1.215 billion, $128 million below FY 2011.
  • OSTP: $4.5 million, $2.1 million below FY 2011.
  • USPTO: $2.7 billion, $588 million above FY 2011.

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